Vendor Forms

Please note: There is no central bidding list or purchasing agent.

The City of Decatur uses a decentralized purchasing system to obtain goods and services. Each department, within the City of Decatur, is responsible for developing its own unique specifications and maintaining contact with vendors with regards to product information and price quotes. A business that is interested in selling to the City should first determine which department uses its product or service; contact should then be made directly to that department. 

If you have already been in contact with a department within the City, or you are currently working with one, and have not completed/submitted your vendor documents, please contact the department representative for a Vendor Pack (Vendor Application, W-9, ACH Authorization)

Once the Vendor Pack is completed, please submit to your department representative OR the City Finance Office:

  • Submit in person at: 201 E Walnut St., Decatur, TX 76234

  • Submit via USPS to: PO Box 1299 Decatur, TX 76234

  • Submit via email to: