City of Decatur Vendors

The City of Decatur uses a decentralized purchasing system to obtain goods and services. Each department, within the City of Decatur, is responsible for developing its own unique specifications and maintaining contact with vendors with regards to product information and price quotes. A business that is interested in selling to the City should first determine which department uses its product or service; contact should then be made directly to that department. Please note, there is no central bid list or purchasing agent.

State Laws

The City of Decatur is required to follow the purchasing laws found in the Texas Government Code. Generally, the City must advertise for sealed bids or proposals for any service or product that will cost over $50,000. The law requires that the City advertise such a purchase in the local newspaper 2 times, 7 days apart, with the first advertisement being published at least 14 days before bids are due. The City Council must award the bid to the lowest, most responsible bidder. If the City chooses to skip over the low bidder, it must demonstrate its reasoning behind that decision.

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is processed weekly, on Thursdays. The cut-off for invoice submission to the City Finance office is 11 a.m. each Wednesday. Holiday schedules will affect check processing. To ensure the earliest possible payment date, vendors are advised to submit all invoices to the City department they are working with, or to the City Accounts Payable department, well in advance of the processing date.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Accounts Payable documents may be dropped off at the Decatur City Hall lobby any time during office hours. There is also a drop box, accessible 24 hours a day, and is located on the west side of the City Hall building. Please submit your documents in a sealed envelope with "ATTN: Account's Payable" marked on the outside of the envelope.

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