Explorer Post

Explorer Post 

Law Enforcement Exploring is a youth program designed to acquaint young people with the nature and complexity of law enforcement.

The goals and objectives of the Decatur Law Enforcement Explorer program are to further the Explorer’s education, encourage the Explorer’s participation in a wide variety of community service activities, and enhance the Explorer’s preparation for future roles as citizens, community members, leaders, and potential future law enforcement officers.  For more information, contact Royce Gastineau at 940-393-0307 

 Applicant Restrictions & Requirements

Both male and female young adults are encouraged to join. To become a member of the Explorer Post #5307 you must be between the ages of 14 and 20 years of age, have parental permission if under the age of 17 and be enrolled in a high school and maintain a “C” average in each subject.  Explorers are volunteers and are not commissioned as sworn peace officers and have no enforcement authority beyond that of any citizen.


To become a member of the Decatur Police Department Explorer program, please complete the following application: