Citizens Police Academy

The Citizens Police Academy (CPA) is designed to introduce the citizens of Decatur to educational information and experiences about the structure and activities of their police department.

The CPA class is an exciting opportunity to gather information and to gain behind-the-scenes, hands-on experience of the various functions within the Decatur Police Department. The informational program operates on the premise that informed and educated citizens will be supportive to their police officers and their department, as well as more productive within their community and neighborhoods.
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During the program, classroom presentations, lectures and experiences offer participants valuable insight into the operations of the Decatur Police Department. These experiences further our effort in improving the quality of life for residential and business communities throughout the city.

Class Topics

Experienced police officers and instructors offer briefings, demonstrations, and engage in frank discussions about police operations throughout the program. Topics include overviews of our department structure and information on police hiring and training.

Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Communications
  • Crime Scene and Evidence Collection
  • Criminal Investigations
  • DWI Detection
  • Emergency Driving Operations
  • Firearms Training and Safety
  • Narcotics
  • Tactical Operation
  • Traffic Accident Investigations

If you are interested in being a part of the next Decatur Citizens Police Academy, please complete all necessary information on the forms below, and then contact Chief Delvon Campbell or Capt. Royce Gastineau at 940-393-0300.

Application for Citizens Police Academy

    Liability Waiver

    Records Release

Citizens successfully completing the program receive a Certificate of Completion. Each Graduate is eligible to join the Decatur Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (DCPAAA). DCPAAA members meet monthly to discuss ongoing operations and needs within the department. Based on those needs, members are given opportunities to volunteer toward specified projects.